Sonarqube running full project analysis even for PRs/Merges and brances

Hi there,

We recently updated Sonarqube from v9.9.0.65466 to v10.3.0.82913 (Deployed using docker)
Update was successful and we are able to see the correct version on Sonarqube portal (DB was also successfully updated).
However after the upgrade we are finding that publishing results is taking a lot more time than the usual.
We are using Azure Devops extensions to publish the analysis (SonarqubePublish@4 & SonarqubePublish@5)

We have also noticed that for each build, SQ is doing a full project analysis. Before upgrade we could see analysis for the PRs, branches or the merges which used to take only seconds to complete. Now as its running full analysis it takes more than 2 minutes in most cases.
We also suspect SQ is checking on files which are not related to the PRs and its calculating the coverage incorrectly.

Is there any settings which we need to change?

Hey there.

What database is backing your SonarQube server (Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle)?