SonarQube Rules - Changing the Issue Type and Severities

We are trying to create a custom profile for our requirement. As part of it,

  1. We are trying to Activate few InActive Rules
  2. Change the severities of certain rules. I think this is simple. After deactivating the rule, we can pick from the dropdown list, the severity required and Activate the rule again
  3. Is it possible to change the issue type of a rule ? I read it is possible only by editing the code of the Plugin ? Is it still that way ?

Please clarify.

Hey there.

It is not. While issue severity is a bit subjective, issue type really shouldn’t be. Do you have an example of a rule you’d want to change the type of, and can you explain why?

Thanks for the clarification. Checking on designing Custom rules for Cobol. Hence, exploring on all the possible as well as not possible scenarios before starting. I was going through the below page regarding the same topic. Hence, wanted to confirm the same.
How to change the type of a Rule? E.g. from Bug to Code smell - SonarQube - Sonar Community (