Change rule's type

Hi Team,

Is it possible to change the issue type of a rule?
I could change the rule’s type in the project’s issues. But I want it to affect all of the projects.

Hey there.

It’s not possible. Can you give an example where you find it necessary?

Hi @Colin,

We want to manage every issue on the Sonar dashboard by the quality gate. But there are some issues that will be bypassed if using the NOSONAR comment. So we want to block them if they use the NOSONAR comment.

So I suppose you have activated S1291 (also known as NoSonar) and because it’s a Code Smell, it’s not automatically failing the default Quality Gate conditions.

There’s probably an interesting discussion to be had about whether or not it should be possible to disable in-code issue suppression entirely – but it’s not an easy one.

What you could do is raise the severity of S1291 / NoSonar to Blocker, and add a condition in your Quality Gate for 0 Blocker Issues. This will also catch some other issues – so the impact should be weighed. What do you think?

Cool. thank you @Colin . It works.

To add, why don’t we have the NoSonar rule for Swift/Kotlin languages? @Colin

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