Sonarqube-roslyn-sdk deprecation

I’ve read in some forum posts that has been deprecated. I am responsible among other things for managing sonarqube instances for our customers and colleagues, and we use the sonarqube roslyn sdk to add some extra rules such as to our sonarqube instances so our customers don’t need to add them to all their projects.

Is there any alternative you guys offer for our use case? Adding these rules is a value add for the service we provide for our customers.

Also if the sonarqube roslyn sdk is deprecated perhaps you should add that to the readme on the git repo, because people are still adding issues and pull requests.

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Hi @Rouke.Broersma.IS - out of curiosity, could you please tell us what forums you read that the Roslyn SDK has been deprecated?

As you can see here:

The SonarQube Roslyn SDK is not deprecated. However, it is true it does not get a lot of our attention and we are discussing internally what we should do with it in the future.

See: Customer C# rules are these still possible?

I am mainly asking because we need this pr merged to be able to keep using sq roslyn sdk as we provide services on linux now as well as windows, and the linked issue is blocking for linux support:

Ok, I understand. It’s good you raise this point , it will help our internal discussion on the fate of the Roslyn SDK.

Is the Sdk working for SonarQube 8.x? As some SonarQube API of 6.x was now removed and the Sdk v2.0 generates Plugins compatible from 6.7 the plugins will (or have already) break.

We would also welcome to continue using the Sdk with current Roslyn analzers.