SonarQube plugin generator not working for SonarQube version higher than 10?

We have our own custom Roslyn analyzer repository with analyzers specific to our project.
Regular releases of the analyzers are being deployed to SonarQube in form of plugin jar file, created by the plugin generator from sonarqube-roslyn-sdk.

This has been working fine for several years. This week I have created a new plugin version and deployed it to SonarQube. But the new rules are not available on the server, although they are clearly in the .nupkg.
The only difference between last plugin deployment and today is the version of SonarQube. We have updated to v10.2.1, while the previous correctly working version was 9.9.

Is there an incompatibility in the plugin generator and the new SonarQube version? Is the SDK maintained? Are there other options to create a plugin for SonarQube? The possibility of upload of analysis report with custom analyzers is not an option for us.

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