SonarQube Rest API


I recently started using SonaQube, as my company using this at the enterprise level. Now, I’m actually try to build a dashboard, which is supposed to show the code coverage of applications and other implications the code base is causing. I tried reading several documentation pages, but none of them returned anything back in response. I’m tried with curl as well, and no response, I tried web-api documentation and also nemo. Can somebody help me figure out what is the endpoint I should be hitting to get information about my project.

My project is already on SonarQube and the scanner runs whenever we trigger the build.

Kedarnag M S

Hi Kedarnag,

It’s not clear to me what you tired, but if you can identify a page or pages in the SonarQube interface that show the information you’re after, then you can use your browser’s Developer Console to figure out what requests the UI makes to get the information and go from there.