SonarQube project submodules are displaying as folders

  • Version 7.9.1 (build 27448)
  • I have 2 issues.

1: The project has several submodules but they’re displaying in SonarQube web as folders.
2: The (different) project and submodules all have the same name.
a: I’ve seen 2 different articles, one says you should NOT have a sonar.projectName property in
your pom.xml file and the other article says you DO need it.

Some guidance on where the <sonar.projectName> property needs to be would be appreciated.

Hi @DevonBritton,

Regarding 1: Yes, that is the default behavior. A Maven multi-module project is treated as 1 SonarQube project. Sub-modules are displayed as folders in the “Code” section in the SonarQube Web-UI.
Did you expect something different (e.g. every sub-module as separate SonarQube project?)

Regarding 2: I recommend to not use sonar.projectName. SonarQube picks-up the property from the pom.xml and uses this as display name in the Web-UI for your project.
This does not work for sub-modules: They will still be displayed by their folder name.

In general you can omit most of the sonar-properties, when using Maven and you have a standard directory layout in your project.

We use the sonar.projectName only in combination with the SonarScanner, when no build tool can be used.

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Hi @bugbouncer,

Please forgive my ignorance, I’m not very familiar with SonarQube and Maven integration yet. Why is one project displaying folders and the other displaying (what I assume are) submodules? See screenshots attached. Is it a specific property or parameter in the pom.xml that is causing this?

Hi @DevonBritton,
I never experienced this: All my sub-modules are displayed as folders.
But I would be interested in the explanation, why sub-modules are displayed as projects?

Did you try to add the tag in the pom.xml in one of the sub-modules, to see if the display name changes in the SonarQube UI?

Hi @DevonBritton,

What version of SonarQube are you in? And have both projects been analyzed since your last upgrade?