SonarQube Process Details for alert & monitoring

Please help understand us with the SonarQube Application Process name on Linux Host - (RHEL) systems

We need the same for monitoring purpose thru sentinel.

Hello @Tripti_Mittal and welcome to the community :wave:

can you be a little more specific on what you need and your setup? Depending on you needs is the answer java, sonar-application-<VERSION>.jar or wrapper. So how do you start SonarQube and what exactly do you need in order to monitor sonarqube using sentinel (i am not familiar with this tool)?

We have containerized SonarQube using Docker-compose.
As part of SonarQube Monotoring, we need to understand if there is any specific SonarQube Process that we can monitor in order to send alerts in case the process pauses/gets killed.

Does that answer your question ?

more or less.

you could use our API to monitor the status of your sonarqube instance: api/system/health. If you are using sonarqube in docker it probably does not make much sense to look for a specific process as the container will stop of the main process of it is terminated. you might want to rethink into the following directions:

  • switching to a none containerized setup
    → would allow you to control the status via your init system (init.d/systemd)
  • extend our image to add a docker health check
    → official images are not allowed to have a health check but this might be something to consider in your case
  • monitor via API and not via process
    → independent from your deployment you could monitor api/system/health to get an alert if the status of your instance changes

there is more information in the links that i added to my post. hope that helps