SonarQube Plugin for STS

Error pop-up: is associated to an unknown SonarQube server (http://localhost:9000). Please fix project association or add the server in SonarQube plugin preferences.

  • Using 7.2 on sonarqube server version. and using 7.3 version for SonarQube plugin on STS
    STS is a Spring Tool Suite IDE(Similar to Eclipse IDE)
  • Trying to integrate SonarQube plugin on STS for the developers to run scans.
  • Tried implementing different ways to connect sonarqube server, still it shows localhost:9000 not working.


I’m afraid there’s too little context here for anyone to be able to help you.

Can you flesh this out with more details, starting with what STS is, and a little more one what you’re trying to accomplish and what you’ve tried?


Sure, Will addup little info. on the post…

Archiving this topic due a lack of activity. If you have a similar problem please start a new topic. Thank you.