Unable to link SonarLint with a SonarQube project

I want to connect my STS version 4.12.2.RELEASE to an Enterprise instance of SonarQube with version 9.7.1.

After installing SonarLint version 7.7 and creating a token for authentication in SonarQube, I am unable to link the project on the SonarQube side.

The URL is correct and the authentication process was successful. Here is a screenshot that shows the issue I am facing.

Is there a way to allow retrieving projects on this screen? Is there an option that I need to enable on SonarQube?


The SonarLint binding is the process of linking an IDE project to a SonarQube project.

This dialog allows you to pick the IDE project(s) that you want to bind:

Basically, it should show you the same projects as what you have in your project explorer view.

The selection of the Sonar project will be in a later stage:

Do you have some projects opened in your STS workspace?

Indeed, I just installed a new environment with a new version of STS, but I haven’t imported the project yet.
Sometimes the solution is so simple that we can’t see it.
Thank you for the quick response and especially for the help.

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