Sonarqube pipeline is failing for react native code for android and IOS

I am trying to create SonarQube pipeline for react native code for both Android and Ios. but it is failing at npm custom for run build

Please help me with steps in azure devops for creating the steps.

Hey there.

Does this work if you remove the SonarQube tasks?


if you can guide me how can i analyse my IOS code written in react native code. for building and generating ipa file, i was using xcode. for analysing ios code, now i tried by adding xcode task but still it is not analysing.

You’ll need to construct a working pipeline to build your code, and then you can consider adding SonarQube analysis. We can’t help with that first part, unfortunately.

Hi Colin

I am successfully able to build the code using xcode task. just wanted to know how to anayse that code

If your pipeline now completes successfully (no npm custom failures), you can add back the SonarQubePrepare and SonarQubeAnalyze tasks.