Scan react native code for both android and IOS


We are using sonarqube 7.9 docker container
And we have one Jenkins server in which we have “SonarQube Scanner” installed

My question is we have to scan reactive native source code for both android and IOS, So it is achievable, if yes then what sonar plugin we have to install for that.
Plus is there any specific extra configurations to scan that code.

As of now we are running php code scan with something like -

sonar-scanner -D -D sonar.sources=. -D sonar.exclusions=config/**,/docker/**,docs/**,mail/**,messages/**,runtime/**,tests/**,vagrant/**,vendor/**,widgets/**,web/**

So can we simply download the plugin for react native and use this approach.

Thanks in advance.


Google tells me React Native is JavaScript, so you should be able to analyze that out of the box. An analysis command similar to what you’re using for your PHP code should work (obviously change the project key :smiley:)