SonarQube offline documentation

Is there any way to get the SonarQube documentation as a PDF or markdown format?
I’m working in an offline on-prem environment so a way to reference it offlie would really help.
I understood that there once was a way to get it from the git repository but I am unable to find it.

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Hi @Shir_Hunga,

The last version of SonarQube to have embedded documentation was in 9.7. If it’s any help at all, you can find that content here.

It is possible to print the pages to PDF one-by-one, but there are 161 pages.

I’ve found that the Chrome extension, MarkDownload works well, and there is probably something that will crawl the site for you, but we’ve not found any tools that will download the images and generate the correct internal links; all the images and page links would still point outside, to the docs.sonarsource domain.

How can I get the latest documentation?

Hi @Shir_Hunga,
Making the docs available offline is on our wish list but we don’t have a timeline on it right now. There’s no easy way to export content from the CMS at this time.

Hopefully one of my suggestions above helps.