Sonarqube official Helm chart add persitancy for /data and /extensions

I see that there is a official new chart now . What I would like to know if how can I modified values to achieve persitancy for /data and /extensión the mpuntpath where sonarqube stores plugins and data. It´s not quite clear in doc (also not so familiarized with helm).
I already created 2 PVC in our AKS cluster called sonar-data and sonar-extensions using the default storage class which are disk attached to the AKS cluster.
How should I modified following chart values.yml portion of code to specify the 2 new volumes and paths which in sonar is under opt/sonarqube/data/ and /opt/sonarqube/extensions/

> persistence:
>   enabled: false
>   ## Set annotations on pvc
>   annotations: {}
>   ## Specify an existing volume claim instead of creating a new one.
>   ## When using this option all following options like storageClass, accessMode and size are ignored.
>   # existingClaim:
>   ## If defined, storageClassName: <storageClass>
>   ## If set to "-", storageClassName: "", which disables dynamic provisioning
>   ## If undefined (the default) or set to null, no storageClassName spec is
>   ##   set, choosing the default provisioner.  (gp2 on AWS, standard on
>   ##   GKE, AWS & OpenStack)
>   ##
>   storageClass:
>   accessMode: ReadWriteOnce
>   size: 5Gi
>   uid: 1000

it´s not quite clear to me how to specify both mountpath in both PVC I created.

thank you