SonarQube Kubernetes

I’m using Sonarqube 8.2 Enterprise
I’m trying to deploy SonarQube on kubernetes, i have deployment with persistent volume claim for opt/sonarqube/data and /opt/sonarqube/extensions to install new plugins and store them on persistent volume. When i deploy in this configuration, there is no plugins folder in opt/sonarqube/extensions dir and also there is no Quality Profiles when i check via web. As soon as i remove PVC for /opt/sonarqube/extensions and redeploy the app, Sonar creates plugins folder and Quality Profiles.
What is correct way to mount extensions dir to use default plugins and install new ones?

Hi @claer1984 ,

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we currently do not support k8s deployment for sonarqube, but want to work on this in the future (no ETA yet). The Problem with the plugins in this kind of deployment is already known. There is a hacky way around this: you define a list of plugins you want to have available in your installation and download them in another container to the pv that should contain all your plugins. you can take some inspiration from a community helm chart here (specific section).

i hope that helps :slight_smile: