SonarQube not showing test coverage net core azure


I have two projects, one that shows the coverage and the other that shows 0.0%
The one that shows no test coverage is not in the root directory of the repository, it is one folder down.

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Scanner command used when applicable: Prepare, Analyse and publish
  • Languages of the repository: C# .Net Core
  • Tried adding DebugType Ful, changing framework from 2.2 to 3.0, adding GUIDs to each project
  • Logs

This is the project that does not show the coverage

INFO: Sensor C# Tests Coverage Report Import [csharp]
INFO: Parsing the Visual Studio coverage XML report d:\a\_temp\{some-guid-here}\VssAdministrator_fv-az23_2019-11-15.08_19_20.coveragexml
INFO: Adding this code coverage report to the cache for later reuse: d:\a\_temp\{some-guid-here}\VssAdministrator_fv-az23_2019-11-15.08_19_20.coveragexml
INFO: Sensor C# Tests Coverage Report Import [csharp] (done) | time=281ms

This is the project that shows the coverage:

INFO: Sensor C# Tests Coverage Report Import [csharp]
INFO: Parsing the Visual Studio coverage XML report d:\a\_temp\{some-guid-here}\VssAdministrator_fv-az23_2019-11-14.13_08_50.coveragexml
INFO: Adding this code coverage report to the cache for later reuse: d:\a\_temp\{some-guid-here}\VssAdministrator_fv-az23_2019-11-14.13_08_50.coveragexml
INFO: Coverage Report Statistics: 21 files, 14 main files, 14 main files with coverage, 7 test files, 0 project excluded files, 0 other language files.
INFO: Sensor C# Tests Coverage Report Import [csharp] (done) | time=111ms
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Hi @Daniel-Gabriel. Welcome to the community!

Some questions:

  • are you building the projects in different pipelines, or the same one? (I’m guessing different ones since the datestamps on the .coveragexml files are different).

  • are you using the same build agent for both builds?

  • are you building solution files, or the .csproj files?

  • does the Azure Pipeline build summary show the expected coverage for both projects? e.g.

  • could you share the detailed build log output for the Analyse step and the .coverage files with us, for both projects? You can get a detailed build log by running the build with the Azure Pipeline variable sonar.debug=true, and you can share the files privately by sending a private message (click on my user photo and select Message). Thanks.

Hi Duncan,
Thank you for the reply, it set me in the right direction.
I got this fixed, the main problem was that dotnet test --collect "code coverage" was generating coverage report that contained just coverlet dll, no actual project dll.


I tried to get this working in many ways, I still don’t understand why it works in a different project with same nuget versions and style of tests. in the end gave up and decided to use do this myself:

dotnet test PathTo.Tests.csproj --logger "trx;LogFileName=testresults.trx" /p:CollectCoverage=true "/p:CoverletOutputFormat=\"cobertura,opencover\""

Cobertura output is needed for VSTO, because it does not support opencover:

          - task: PublishCodeCoverageResults@1
            displayName: 'Publish coverage results'
              codeCoverageTool: 'cobertura'
              summaryFileLocation: 'pathToReports/coverage.cobertura.xml'

Opencover is needed for sonar cloud task SonarCloudPrepare@1:


Last thing is to publish tests to VSTO:

          - task: PublishTestResults@2
              testRunner: VSTest
              testResultsFiles: '**/*.trx'
              failTaskOnFailedTests: true

Hope this is helpful for other people.