SonarQube main branch analysis with github

We are on latest version of SonarQube Enterprise Edition. We have our main branch in GitHub set to develop. Our pull requests run a pr-verification action and Pull Request analysis work as expected. My question is how do I get the analysis to run on our develop branch? We don’t run sonarscan locally and we don’t have any other CI/CD tool setup. We rely soley on GitHub Actions… Should I setup an action to run on merge to develop to run the scan with set to develop?

It would be great if someone else has had experience with this that could help :frowning:

Hi @CWSites ,
There should be a directive in your GitHub workflow yaml file to trigger the scan on each push on develop. Something like

      - master # or the name of your main branch

Can you please share your workflow file?


Okay, so I’ll create a new workflow that only targets develop which is our main branch. Currently I only have it run on PR verification

Hi @CWSites ,
sorry for late reply.
You don’t have to create a new workflow, you can add the branch directive in the same .yaml file.
It looks like

Thanks, I’ll give this a shot when I get a moment.