SonarQube + Jenkins + Bitbucket: no PR decoration and reports

SonarQube version: 9.6
Gradle plugin: “”

We use sonarqube for pull request decorations and we have developer edition license. SonarQube is running in our internal office server (cannot be accessed from outside). We run code analysis on kotlin code.

We have set up jenkins multibranch pipeline which launches sonarqube job.
It successfully notifies bitbucket, that it started it’s work and successfully notifies about job finished. But if there are any issues, not only we do not get any PR comments, but there is no report attached, where we could see what went wrong.

In sonarqube logs I can see:
Bitbucket Cloud API call to [] failed with 400 http code. Bitbucket Cloud response content : [{“key”: “report-service.general.bad-request”, “message”: “log_url is not a valid URL”, “arguments”: {}}]

What could be the problem?

Hey there.

Thanks for the report.

Is there any chase that the log message refers to logo_url rather than log_url and the o got lost in posting the logs, or does it really say log_url?

No, error is always the same.


Can you check how sonar.core.serverbaseurl is configured in your instance-level Adminstration, is it set to a valid value?

It’s empty. Our server is not reachable from outside, so is there a point in providing this value? If so, what value should it be?

Also, here’s a little bit more from the log, though it looks like to be the same issue:

2022.09.29 05:02:32 INFO ce[AYOHn-9NZ8i6RRGWnTqH][o.s.a.c.b.b.BitbucketCloudRestClient] Bitbucket Cloud API call to [] failed with 400 http code. Bitbucket Cloud response content : [{“key”: “report-service.general.bad-request”, “message”: “log_url is not a valid URL”, “arguments”: {}}]
2022.09.29 05:02:32 WARN ce[AYOHn-9NZ8i6RRGWnTqH][c.s.F.D.A.B.E] Failed to create Bitbucket Cloud Quality Report for commit SHA ‘asdfadsfsdafasdfasdfadsfsf’

Ok, it started to work. And if I press on sonarqube link in bitbucket, I’m properly redirected to our internal server. Thank you!

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Thanks for the follow up! The experience should be better here, so I’ve flagged this for internal review.

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I created the improvement SONAR-17782 to make it explicit in the UI that a valid Server base URL is a prerequisite for a successful and smooth DevOps platform integration.

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