PR decoration from SonarQube to Bitbucket pipelines

Hi, using SonarQube developer edition 8.9.2 (LTS) I have tried to enable PR decoration from our on-prem SonarQube server to bitbucket cloud. I have followed the following document:

  • I have created the Oauth consumer and granted read and write permissions to both repositories and pull requests
  • I have added the ALM integration with bitbucket cloud. When I click on “check configuration” it tells me that it is valid
  • I have configured the PR decoration in the project by setting the Repository SLUG URL and selecting the previously created ALM integration
  • I have double checked that the WorkspaceID and the Project_slug are correct ({workspace_id}/{repo_name})

When I create a new PR, bitbucket pipelines runs sonar with the official image and uploads the result. I can see in the SonarQube UI the PR, the status and the PR number so I am assuming that the bitbucket pipelines - SonarQUbe integration works, but the PR is not decorated. In the logs I see this:

2021.10.27 09:28:41 INFO  ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][o.s.a.c.b.b.BitbucketCloudRestClient] Error returned by Bitbucket Cloud: 404 Resource not found
2021.10.27 09:28:41 WARN  ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][c.s.F.D.A.B.A] Pull request decoration did not happen. Failed to access Bitbucket Cloud, the repository or the pull request

I have enabled trace logs, but I cannot see much more. I can see that indeed, SonarQube is aware that it is a PR and that the PR number is 339 (which is correct)

2021.10.27 09:28:40 TRACE ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][sql] time=1ms | sql=select pb.uuid as uuid, pb.project_uuid as projectUuid, pb.kee as kee, pb.branch_type as branchType, pb.merge_branch_uuid as mergeBranchUuid, pb.pull_request_binary as pullRequestBinary, pb.exclude_from_purge as excludeFromPurge, pb.need_issue_sync as needIssueSync from project_branches pb where pb.project_uuid = ? and pb.kee = ? and pb.branch_type = ? | params=XXXXXXXXXXXXX, 339, PULL_REQUEST

How can I find which URL endpoint/API is calling Sonarqube to try to debug what is happening? We are using https_proxy, but it seems to be working because in the trace logs I see that the connection succeeds.

2021.10.27 09:28:40 DEBUG ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][] ValidationChain: -1410680354, -598607089, 1810929538
2021.10.27 09:28:40 DEBUG ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][]  TLSHandshake:, TLSv1.3, TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256, 1810929538
2021.10.27 09:28:40 DEBUG ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][o.i.http2.Http2] >> CONNECTION 505249202a20485454502f322e300d0a0d0a534d0d0a0d0a
2021.10.27 09:28:40 DEBUG ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][o.i.http2.Http2] >> 0x00000000     6 SETTINGS      
2021.10.27 09:28:40 DEBUG ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][o.i.http2.Http2] >> 0x00000000     4 WINDOW_UPDATE 
2021.10.27 09:28:40 DEBUG ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][o.i.c.TaskRunner] Q10009 scheduled after   0 µs: OkHttp
2021.10.27 09:28:40 DEBUG ce[AXzAppmHh0KNU6R4V06R][o.i.c.TaskRunner] Q10000 scheduled after   0 µs: OkHttp ConnectionPool

I have searched in the forums but beyond ensuring that the workspace id and the slug_name is correct, I cannot find any more information. There has been any API change from Atlassian that is preventing SonarQube to work?



It turns out the repository slug is the end part of the repository, not the whole URL ({workspace_id}/{repo_name}

It is working now, anyway, would be great to have in the trace logs the URL it tries to access for easier debugging.

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