PR decoration not working on Bitbucket server - SonarQube Developer version

  • which versions are you using (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension):

SonarQube Developer version - 8.9 LTS
Bitbucket version: 7.19.3

  • what are you trying to achieve

We are trying to get PR decoration link for SonarQube on Bitbucket page

  • what have you tried so far to achieve this:

Completed configuration for PR decoration following the guide.
In ALM integration added Bitbucket connection info, was successfully able to connect and there is a green check mark on both PR Analysis, and Bitbucket server connection.

At project Level in Pull Request Decoration added the REPO and SLUG correctly based on bitbucket URL.

Added all the PR decoration parameters like sonar.pullrequest.branch, sonar.pullrequest.key and sonar.pullrequest.base for analysis

Running the sonarqube analysis through Jenkins.

PR analysis runs perfectly fine and we get analysis results for the PR in SonarQube.

We can reach the PR page after clicking the Go to PR link from SonarQube, so that connection is working. There are no warnings after the run. I changed log level to DEBUG and monitored the ce.log, there are no warnings or errors in the log.

But we miss the SonarQube information on the Pull Request at the Bitbucket side. The link to SonaQube is missing on the Bitbucket page. Just build info for Jenkins and Jira tickets display.

Appreciate any advise on how to debug this issue.


I was actually able to figure out this issue. When running sonar analysis from command line which I thought is equivalent to running it from Jenkins, the SonarQube information was not appearing on the Pull Request. But when run through Jenkins it worked.


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