SonarQube Issues: Errors with File Types and Version Compatibility


We have an issue related to SonarQube. It seems there are two separate errors.

The first error appears to be caused by specific files like jpg and img being present in the repository. It seems that these files are defined in the .csproj file with the paths mentioned below. SonarQube is unable to scan these files, resulting in an error.

I attempted to exclude these files from, but since they are defined in the .csproj file, the error persisted. We may need to consult the developers as this issue seems specific to .NET.

The second error is related to version compatibility. I tested it with various versions as well. Could you please help us to resolve the problem ?

I hope this helps in understanding the issue better and finding a resolution.

Hey there.

In the screenshot of logs you shared (please don’t do that, we’re super clear in the template post to not share screenshots of logs), I don’t see anything related to Sonar. I just see MSBuild errors.

How do you know it’s related to Sonar?