SonarQube has moved from one server to another

Hi Team
My SonarQube was deployed to one server say X. Because of some issue in that server, Infra Team has created a ew server and copied everything from old server but we found that still sonarqube is pointing to old server.
Can you please help me to guide what actions i need to perform in new server for sonarqube to point to new server. OLD server is going to be decommissioned soon.

Hello @singhr4s
you did not tell what version or edition you were using, nor what service still pointed to the old SonarQube address. I’ll provide a generic answer then.

When you move SonarQube service to a new URL, you typically need to update SonarQube Base URL setting, with the sonar.core.serverBaseURL parameter which you can find in the Administration → General Settings page:

This is usually the address of SonarQube service on your HTTPS reverse proxy.

Then you need to update your build environments with the new URL ( so that all scanners point to the right instance.

Finally, you may want to inform the developers in your organization, so that they can update their SonarLint connection.

If you have the possibility to apply (or request) a DNS change, it could be simpler…