SonarQube group members disappear automatically


(Sheen Liu) #1

Hello, Sir ! Recently, I encountered a problem, the members of SonarQube group disappeared automatically, a new group was created, and members will still disappear automatically.


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xiaoguang Liu

(Colin Mueller) #2

If you are managing group membership through an external authentication provider (like LDAP), that becomes the only place you can manage group membership. Upon logging in, if a user is found belonging to a group that doesn’t match a group in LDAP, they will be pulled from it.

Does that sound like that could be what’s going on?

(Sheen Liu) #3

Thanks for your reply !
I am using LDAP third-party authentication, but all are in the same group, added to SonarQube
The members of the group will gradually disappear, and eventually there is no one in the SonarQube group. Not just a group, but other groups as well.

Thanks very much !
xiaoguang Liu

(Colin Mueller) #4


So to confirm, does dev_android_portal, for example, exist in LDAP?


(Sheen Liu) #5

Well, dev_android_portal does not exist in LDAP.

(Colin Mueller) #6

If you are using LDAP Group Mapping, and your users don’t belong to that group in LDAP (or in this case, it does not exist), as your users login they will be removed from the group, because LDAP is the only source of truth for group membership when you are using group mapping.

(Sheen Liu) #7

Thanks !
So, What should I do, or should I solve it?

(Colin Mueller) #8

What do you think you should do?

If you are using group mapping, LDAP is the only place to manage group membership and thus those groups must exist in both LDAP and SonarQube, and the membership of that group should be managed through LDAP (the users you want in that group need to be members of the group in LDAP)

(Sheen Liu) #9

Thanks! I know what to do.