Sonarqube giving warnings to replace sonar.login to sonar.token

Hello , Please find the information regarding our installation below:
SonarQube version: 10.0
Deployment: zip
SonarScanner: Sonarscanner for MSBuild 5.13
Jenkins Plugin: latest version of SonarQube Scanner

Recently after upgrading the scanner to 5.13 we started getting below warning in our analysis

Problem is we are not explicitly using the sonar.login parameter but only provide the token directly in Jenkins configuration. I am not sure how to resolve this warning. Any help will be great.



Thanks for sharing this. It seems we may need to update the Jenkins extension. We’ll look into this and update this thread when we know more.


We have already replaced the sonar.login parameter with sonar.token, but after rescanning the project, we still see warnings. We encountered the same issue, and we are using the SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins plugin version 2.15.


Hello, do we have any update on this or a timeline/tracking of when it will be done?

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could you please if there are any news to this issue=) Thanks!

Hello @sk2312 , @adfish ,

We have looked into this issue, and unfortunately it is not an as straightforward change as it would seems so. The issue comes from the fact that those properties are hardcoded in Sonar Scanner for Jenkins, but we cannot simply change that as it would break current LTS (9.9) compatibility.

We have created a ticket [SONARJNKNS-361] - Jira , which we plan to tackle in future releases of Sonar Scanner for Jenkins.

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Sorry to comment this solved topic, but here is an additional detail / concern

Can you please check and ensure with dev team that the sonar.login property won’t be removed in near future versions of non-LTS SonarQube (at least until SONARJNKNS-361), to avoid breaking existing non-LTS setups using Jenkins plugin?


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Hello @scm_invn ,

I’m part of the dev team :sweat_smile:

No worries, this property won’t be removed until at least next LTS is released.