SonarQube for HPE NSK cross compiler support?

We’re in the process of assessing whether the SonarQube scanner can be used for HPE NSK cross compiler.
We tried back in 2019 (see NullPointerException running Scanner for NSK compiler) but back then unfortunately the compiler (which uses proprietary extensions) couldn’t be used.

Would you know whether the support for this compiler has been added in the mean time?
We’re using SonarQube in a different domain area already, and it would be nice to use the same system. I couldn’t find information regarding this particular compiler (and try to weasel myself about having to get a temporary license and set up the scanner again to find out).

Some details from the compiler:
HPE NSK cross compiler for C/C++ projects (c89.exe) in connection with the SQL/MX precompiler (also c89.exe)

Hey there.

If your compiler still doesn’t conform with gcc, and you can’t use a compliant compiler even just for the analysis, then unfortunately you’re still out of luck.

I do think we’ll see some progress on this as 2024 goes on, however :eyes: We’ve made some progress on SonarCloud to avoid to question of compatible compiler altogether.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I guess the compiler is mostly compatible, just has a few extras tacked on like the SQL/MP/MX precompiler.