NullPointerException running Scanner for NSK compiler

Scanner version is SonarQube Scanner
Server version is sonarqube-developer-7.9.1

We’re trying to assess wether SonarQube supports the HPE NSK cross compiler for C/C++ projects (c89.exe) in connection with the SQL/MX precompiler (also c89.exe)

Running the scanner yiels a NullPointerException at at com.sonar.cpp.analyzer.StdFlags.fromCppMacros(

Any idea if this combination is supported? From previous threads it looks like the compiler might not be supported which ends in a NullPointerException.

scanlog.txt (7.0 KB)

Hi @Georg,

it is likely that your compiler is not supported if it doesn’t comply with GCC interface given that it shares the same executable name c89.exe.

Could you please rerun with -Dsonar.verbose=true property and re-share the log?

Thanks for the fast reply, here’s the new, bigger, log file.

scanlog.txt (190.0 KB)

Hi @Georg,

could you also share the build-wrapper-dump.json file?

Find it attached! You might want to allow .json as upload extension :slight_smile:

build-wrapper-dump.json.txt (28.1 KB)

Hi @Georg,

I confirm that your compiler doesn’t comply with GCC cli interface, if you could build your project with one of the supported compilers (GCC, Clang, Microsoft CL, …) that would be great.

Hi Massimo,

Thanks for the feedback. I suspected as much, but wanted to have it confirmed. Unfortunately I can’t use a different compiler as it uses custom enhancements from HP.

Thanks for your support!