SonarQube Enterprise without dedicated support


Which kind of support is included in SonarQube Enterprise with 1M LOC with the 15k dedicated support?




The best person to discuss this with is probably whomever you work with on our Sales team to discuss your trial license / procure SonarQube. That said, I’m happy to briefly touch on this here.

Adding Support to your subscription gives you access to our ServiceDesk where you can submit help/problem/change tickets and get in touch with a SonarSource Support Engineer (like me!). We’re available to help not only with technical issues, but also helping you implement best practices in your organisation.

To be very candid – when you submit a post on this this forum, there is no guarantee that it will be looked at or your issue will be driven to a resolution. When submitting a ticket with Support, there is that expectation.


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