SonarQube Enterprise open-source?


I am new to Sonarqube and I am carrying out a project where I analyse some of your data from TravisCI and Jira. I would like to know if issues with edition field labeled as “Enterprise” still relate to your Github open source repository or you have a private repository for the “Enterprise” edition.


Our Commercial Editions are not open-source. sonarsource/sonarqube represents our Community Edition, which is open source.

Likely, if an issue is marked with a specific Edition, it relates to code only found in a private repository. This might not always be the case. I don’t think we really feel a need to be consistent here, as we don’t expect outsiders to mine this data. :smiley:

Can you be a little more specific about the project you’re doing?

Hi Colin,

thanks for the reply. I read it only now.

I am mining data from Jira and TravisCI to correlate these metrics for each release. I am therefore using Jira issues as a feedback on release performance and quality. For releases, I am referencing the Github tags. As far as I understood both Github and Travis only contain information about the Community Edition and hence the need to work only on issues affecting that edition.

So yeah, I am mining this data :slight_smile:
I guess I could filter issues with specifically Community edition as label and for the resolved issues try to find a commit in the Github repo referencing that issues. Those issues should be most likely on the Community edition, right? Any other ideas?