Sonarqube doesn't support kotlinlang layout convention for Kotlin language

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I would like to reply here but it is close: Kotlin coverage analysis shows zero percent if using kotlinlang layout convention

I think Sonarqube should add a property to indicate that this issue is happening, or in other words, a property to pass the real root directories so Sonarqube can find the files by removing them from the package or class property.

Jacoco is not fixing this for years, Kover is having this issue, with both, IntelliJ and Jacoco engines (I reported it to them too).

Codecov fixed this because I didn’t have this issue when I was using that tool, but more third-party platforms are lacking of supporting this, and personally, in my main, it doesn’t look too hard to fix if the root unknown path is missing, it is passed to Sonarqube, it just has to join the pieces.

Hello Javi,

Thanks for the report! You are right, this unfortunately isn’t supported at the moment. We have a ticket open for this for a while now. With Kotlin becoming more popular, it seems like a good time to finally tackle this issue. So thanks for bringing the topic back to our attention, we will have another look at fixing the ticket in the next few sprints.

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Hey Johann, as additional info, the Kover maintainer replied to me that this has to be solved by third-party tools like Sonarqube, so it is great that you are going to fix it :slight_smile:

I attach the issue so, maybe it can help you a bit.

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