Multi-language project scan issue


We faced an issue when we tried to integrate our project into sonarCloud.

So this is a multi-language project ( java, kotlin) and the problem is that we noticed that there is no code coverage for the kotlin part.

We were able to get Sonar results in Sonar Cloud, but the code coverage is still at 0% for the kotlin part .
We can see sonar scanner parsing the .kt files however it doesn’t take into account the tests performed for those files.


So to sum up, we have just a code coverage for java and not kotlin althought we added these lines to the pom.xml

I want just to mention that we use maven jacoco plugin.

So we want to know if you have any idea how can we resolve this issue and have the entire project covered.

Thanks for your help

Hi @MehriBacem and welcome to the community !

Sorry for the late reply.

Is that possible for you to share either your pom.xml and/or any jacoco/surfire configuration you may have ?

I can PM you for that if needed, let me know !

Thanks in advance.


Hello Mickael,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes please. I prefer if you PM me so I can show you the required information

Thanks a lot.