SonarQube could not run after I put my plugin into /extensions/plugins

I completed my custom rule and maven build was success. I put my custom rule xxx.jar from /target into $SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins. Then I run startSonar.bat, sonarQube didn’t start. And I observed sonarQube [web] serve didn’t start-up. After that, the terminal was closed.

I don’t know why because I have passed rule test and also build was success. Hopes some guys could help me out.

My sonarqube version is 9.3, jdk 11, custom rule cloned from custom_rules_101 rule sample, so the configuration as same as pom_SQ_8_9_LTS.xml

What do all your different log files say?

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Hi, Colin

Thanks to your mention, I checked the web log and found the problem stemmed from that the RuleKey mismatched the HTML file. :persevere:

Now the rule has been launched on my SonarQube after I fixed the issue.

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