Sonarqube component name changes automatically

Hi ,

May be a simple question , i dont have an reason .

My angular application on azure devops having a wrong project name in sonarqube dashboard, in the publish task as you see below sonar.projectName":“myathlon-angular " is my project name for some reason in the below it has changed is componentName”:"athlon-ccoe-Azure1.

Not sure why , i want my project name to be myathlon-angular in the dashboard ,

Logs below from azure publish task , thanks








2022-02-04T12:32:21.8518836Z ##[debug]Response: 200 Body: "{"task":{"id":"AX7EuG9WFVIFAf1uqwTW","type":"REPORT","componentId":"AX7EWWl5FVIFAf1uqwRD","componentKey":"7a54d18f-a4a4-4fff-ab24-bf83428f59d9-myathlon-angular","componentName":"athlon-ccoe-Azure1","componentQualifier":"TRK","status":"IN_PROGRESS","submittedAt":"2022-02-04T12:32:08+0000","submitterLogin":"devadm","startedAt":"2022-02-04T12:32:09+0000","executionTimeMs":12484,"branch":"azure","branchType":"BRANCH","warnings":[]}}"

Hi @dilip. I’m guessing you are using the SonarQube Azure DevOps extension.

  • Is that correct, and if so which version?
  • which “scanner mode” are you using - msbuild, cli or other ?

Also, could you shared the verbose logs for the Run Code Analysis step please? (to generate the verbose logs, pass sonar.verbose=true in the Additional properties of the Prepare Analysis step).


Thanks Duncan , this is some how fixed by itself but to answer you question .

yes i use azure devops
i use cli scanner mode


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