Sonarqube community edition limitations

Hi Team,

I am a developer interested to know about the capabilities of the SonarQube community edition. I would like to request you to give the details about the below two query as I could not found much information in the official website.

Query 1 : How much maximum size (In terms of Mega Bytes or Giga Bytes or any other measuring unit) of source code that can be scanned using SonarQube in a single scan ?

Query 2 : Apart from scanning the source code from local directory, what are the other code hosting cloud platforms ( Like Git ,SVN) that SonarQube can scan directly ? If it can scan the source code from other cloud platform then how to configure the scan in my local server?

Query 3. What are the major limitations of SonarQube community edition.

I am interested in the latest and upcoming features of the SonarQube community Edition so if you have any such documents I would be more grateful if you could share with me.

Sarat Chandra

There is no maximum, although it makes sense that you separate your SonarQube projects (and their scans) into logical components rather than all the code your company has at once.

No matter what, your code will have to exist on a filesystem somewhere in order to be analyzed. This is most commonly orchestrated in CI/CD Pipelines (SonarQube easily integrates with many)

It’s less feature-rich that our commercial editions. You can compare them here: Download | SonarQube


Is there a company here in Brazil can support Sonarqube setup?