SonarQube checks for coverage of files that are not in the coverage report


I would like to know where does SonarQube gets the X of “Coverage on X Lines to cover”.

I am generating the coverage report with phpunit and xdebug. The xml coverage report only has UseCases from Application folder, because phpunit.xml has this:

    <coverage processUncoveredFiles="false">
            <directory suffix="UseCase.php">./Application/</directory>

When I execute sonarscanner and check the Coverage in Sonarqube, it states that I do not have covered files from another folders, for example ./Domain/Entity/Customer.php.

Why does it check other files that are not included in the coverage report?


I’ve seen that you can exclude some paths with


This is not an option, I have way many paths to include.
I would need it the other way around, just include **UseCase.php . I have tried “sonar.coverage.inclusions” with no luck.

PD: I’ve noticed I am not the only one with this problem, here it is another related post


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You’ve encountered Executable Lines. This blog post from when we introduced the feature explains how it works. As you’ve discovered, exclusions would be what you need.


Excellent, thank you very much!