Code coverage shown different than the one provided with 'Generic Test Data' format report

Hi everyone,
we are facing a problem with code coverage displayed in our Sonarqube Developer Edition v8.9.7.52159.

Let me briefly explain the process.

  • We are calculating the coverage of a .NET Core project using Coverlet and we configured it to ignore some paths, for example the EF Migration files.
  • After that we convert the report generated by Coverlet into a SonarQube report using a tool called reportGenerator.
  • The final SonarQube report is perfectly fine: it contains all the intended files and does not include the excluded files.
  • That file is the one we provide to SQ: in the sonarscanner begin we referenced it => /d:sonar.coverageReportPaths=“.\sonarqubecoverage\SonarQube.xml”

The problem is that, when we browse the coverage on SonarQube we actually see the coverage calculated for excluded files… and I can’t understand why.

I know that SonarQube also a sonar.coverage.exclusions property but I expect I don’t have to fill it because the SonarQube.xml report already has the correct file list.

What am I missing?


If SonarQube receives no coverage data for a file (and no indication that a file should be excluded), it assumes that it should make a (very) educated guess about which lines are executable, and could therefore be covered by tests.

SonarQube does this for a good reason – if you have an application that is 50% .NET, and 50% JS, but you only provide a coverage report for .NET – that’s not indicative of the actual coverage for your entire project.

The best option is to pass these files to sonar.coverage.exclusions to make sure they aren’t counted towards your code coverage.

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Hi Colin,
thank you, at least I understand the rational behind that choice.
Then, we’ll set the sonar.coverage.exclusions too.
Thank you again and best regards,

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