SonarQube can not be accessed from AzureDevops

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We have built a SonarQube server and DevOps team is trying to connect from AzureDevops,

SonarQube Version: Community Edition – 7.9.1
Installed on Windows 2012 R2 server
MS SQL: Express edition 2014
Java Version: 8

URL is hosted on A10 load balancer and only 80 and 443 Ports are opened and restricted to SonarQube server IP. We are able to access the SonarQube with URL but DevOps team is getting below error

  • can’t reach the server from AzureDevOps: [SQ] API GET ‘/api/server/version’ failed, status code was: 404

Could someone help/guide me with details if AzureDevOps need Whitelisting of IPs.

Thanks in advance,

Pradeep Kumar

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They should double check that they’re using the correct URL in the Service Endpoint. (That url + /api/server/version should return a real response)

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the reply, my DevOps team say Service Endpoints are configured correctly but Azure Devops is unable to communicate to on-prem SonarQube sever due to IP restrictions, is there any info / blog / document where in i can get the Azure DevOps IP which i can ask Network team to whitelist them.

Thanks in advance,
Pradeep Kumar


You’re getting a 404, not a timeout, so I’d really double check. :slight_smile: Maybe your DevOps team should join this community!

With regards to Microsoft IP addresses, that’s probably a question best suited for Microsoft. There seem to be some details here with regards to hosted azure devops agents:


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Thanks alot Colin.

Thanks & Regards,
Pradeep Kumar

Hi Colin,

We just checked, we are able to call the API within office network but unable from Azure, as SonarQube was requested as internal application, there was no Public IP assigned.
We are waiting for approval for external access for SonarQube IP. Once we have the approval, will check it again and update the thread.


We are able to connect to AzureDevOps after allowing the SonarQube IP public access, Thanks for your inputs and help.