SonarQube c++ parsing errors

I’m trying to set up the SonarQube community C++ plugin to import cppcheck reports into SonarQube. I’m using the Jenkins SonarQube plugin to run this. However, I get errors parsing c++ files from the SonarQube community C++ plugin (I think) itself, which surprises me as I understood this plugin only relies on external checkers. So my initial questions:

  • should it be parsing all my c++ code (resulting in a huge amount of parse warnings and errors because it cannot find defines, sees some characters it can’t decode etc, and ending usually with a crash on some parse error, or an out of memory exception(1))? Is there a way to avoid this? I only want to get the cppcheck errors to go into sonarqube (and cppcheck already ran and poduced a report).
  • if I just exclude every file (so it won’t scan them) it doesn’t seem to look at the cppcheck report I try to include. Is that expected?

(Using SonarQube 7.6, C++ community plugin 1.3.0, and the Jenkins plugin to run the sonarqube scanner, which reports SonarScanner

(1) I’ve tried to increase the memory, and it’s been running for an hour now, with no output in the last 40 minutes.


That plugin isn’t supported in this community. You’ll need to create a GitHub issue on that project.

Thanks for understanding,