Sonarqube azure sql database

@ganncamp btw, is Azure SQL server/databases officially supported? Here is only listed Microsoft SQL Severs Prerequisites and overview
but does that also include Azure SQL Server? I have been running on Azure SQL server since 9.1 release

Hi @Dahlorna,

The docs list the “supported” DBs.



I have tested with the environment variable SONAR_SEARCH_JAVAADDITIONALOPTS and its value ”” and the deployment works.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Philippe,

great that you found a solution! However, just a few notes…

Setting the to false will make you go against the recommended way of running ES (the vm.max_map_count prerequisite mentioned here would not be satisfied, causing possible performance issues).

Running SQ with non-recommended parameters in order to be compatible with a container as a service that you cannot manage as we expect (you can’t adjust kernel settings on the hosting platform) might cause unforeseen issues…