SonarQube as Azure App Service & SQL database - config entries get commented out automatically

I’ve installed a SonarQube 8.0 instance (Developer edition) on Azure as an App Service using the method as described in the following blog:
I’ve also created an Azure SQL database as stated in the same blog and configured SonarQube (adding the lines to
At first, SonarQube wrote, that it tried to reach the SQL server but could not do that due to firewall restrictions.
After allowing access to the SQL database on network level, I got neither a positive nor a negative message in sonar.log or web.log anymore. When starting SonarQube it just comments out the lines in and uses the H2 database instead.

When I stop the App Service, delete the “data” directory and reenable the entries in, it just does the behaviour (disabling the entries, initialising the H2 database) again when restarting the App Service. I’ve lookup for some script etc. which might comment out these entries, but found none, so I’m wondering what is causing this behaviour.

How can I get it to work as an Azure App Service with a SQL database?

In the mentioned source for the installation, the script automatically comments out all entries in Then environment variables with sonar.* at the beginning are taken and transferred into the file.

Note, that the environment properties need to be named as the variables (so “sonar.jdbc.url”, not “SONAR_JDBC_URL”) for that case.