SonarQube Azure DevOps Server Extension not working

  • versions used (SonarSource.sonarqube-4.21.0.vsix on Azure DevOps 2020 DevOps Dev18.M170.8)

Also tried on Az DevOps 2020 Server Express. The extension indicates it is installed, but no tasks for pipelines…and no connections appear.
I’ve tried it on 3 different instances.
No workaround so far.

Hi @Gerardo_Korndorffer ,
Have you tried only with the Express edition or the standard one as well?
Please be aware that we don’t officially provide any support for Azure DevOps Server Express 2020.

However, our extension provides support for Azure DevOps Server 2020, so everything must work properly on it.
Also, do you run the server via a docker image or locally?

Kind Regards,

Hi Christophe

I tried both Express and standard.

It is a local installation on both cases

Symptoms are…it shows as installed but no tasks and no connections appear.

Regards and thank you

@Gerardo_Korndorffer could that be a matter of permissions? Do you have the rights to see/edit service connections?

We can safely discard permissions as I am full administrator of the whole installation, SQL Server instance included

It would have been too easy :smile:

We will investigate this issue internally anyway and let you know if we have anything new.

Kind regards,

Haha it would have been, true

kind regards!