Sonarqube Aurora Serverless v1 postgresql upgrade from 10.18 to Aurora Serverless v2 postgresql 13.7

Hi Team,
We are upgrading our Aurora Serverless v1 postgresql 10.18 to Aurora Serverless v2 postgresql 13.7. We were able to test the upgrade and the SonarQube instance was coming up successfully. However, we were not able to test the analysis as our jdbc url has changed. At the time of actual production upgrade, we will use the same jdbc connection string.
So I just wanted to check with you is there any issue we can face while doing the analysis because of this upgrade as we can’t test this before.

Hey there.

If you are only upgrading the PostgreSQL version, I would just recommend having a look at this guide in case you face a performance issue after.

Hi Colin,

We did upgrade the database and sonarqube comes up successfully. But our analysis was not running as expected. It was inprogress state for a long time before we roll back.

We tried to run the VACCUM FULL & VACCUM FULL Analyse , but both the commands were taking a long time. We waited for 30 minutes before we cancel it.

Do you have any steps that we have missed out ?

Also, I wanted to know what is the best way to create a new test sonarqube instance and points to the new upgraded database to test our changes. We do not have any test environment to do the testing.
Is there any impact if restore the db and upgrade it and create a new sonarqube instance and point to this new db. We were just worried if creating a new test instance can cause any problem with the production.

Hello Team,

Our analysis is taking more than 2 hours. Can you please help us with this issue?

Hey there.

This is probably the problem that you need to focus on, and falls in the scope of Postgres Database performance rather than SonarQube. I would suggest reaching out to any support contacts you have on the Aurora side.

It will not have any affect on your production instance – depending on what edition you are using, you may or may not have access to test licenses (required to run analysis). However – this might help you debug why VACCUM FULL and VACCUM FULL ANALYZE aren’t working, which is probably the root cause of your performance issues.