SonarQube and Microsoft Hosted Agent for Mac


I am new to SonarQube and have a question which I will be thankful if someone could clarify it for me.

We have a SonarQube instance running on-prem on a windows machine in the company.

We want to use this instance of SonarQube in our project, additional details about our project are: it is a native iOS application built on Swift, with CI pipeline on AzureDevOps using Microsoft Hosted agent instance.

The question I have is since our codebase is swift, will it run on the SonarQube instance which is running on windows.

All the analysis happens on your agent, and then the results are packaged up and sent to your SonarQube server for processing! You never need to worry about the OS of the server hosting your SonarQube server.

Great! Thanks for your response.