Azure Devops integration with on-prem SonarQube Server

I have setup on-prem SonarQube which needs to be integrated with Azure Devops. For integration with Azure devops, do I need to install any hosted agent on SonarQube server or simply giving sonarqube Ip will work?

Majid Jahangeer

Your agent just needs to be able to communicate with your SonarQube server. :slight_smile: Nothing additional to install on your SonarQube server.

I don’t have any hosted agent. Can Azure devops directly communicate with SonarQube server?

In Azure DevOps world – the agent is where your build is performed and any other activities in your pipeline are done (such as analyzing with SonarQube). I assume you have something (a hosted agent, an on-prem agent) doing that now. Whatever that is needs to be able to communicate over the network to your SonarQube server.