SonarQube admin access -not staying associated to admin group

Latest version of SonarQube Developer Edition. We have run into an issue where the users being assigned to the administrative group are not staying associated to this group. Then, the users cannot use administrative groups privileges. No further details were provided, except that there are no further changes and yet this happens. Any ideas what to check?

Hey there.

Are you using a means of Delegated Authentication (LDAP, SAML, GitHub, etc.) and also using group mapping?


Thank you sir. We are only using GitHub Enterprise for SSO but delegation of permissions is being done by using the built-in sonar groups:

• sonar users
• sonar administrators

Github Enterprise is not being used to delegate permissions.

In that case, I would double check that sonar.auth.github.groupsSync is disabled in your DevOps Platform Integrations > GitHub > GitHub Authentication configuration.


Thank you. Our Cloud Engineer is checking that asap when he has bandwidth. I will update if that did it or not post facto.

So far, so good. looks like that config. change worked.
Thank you Colin.

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