Sonarqube 8.9 LTS / compatibility with C++ community plugin (sonar-cxx)

Dear Team,

I’m currently using Sonarqube 7.9.x LTS and C++ v1.3.3 *(sonar cxx plugin).
I planned to upgrade to 8.9 LTS

Regarding compatibility matrix with sonarqube 8.9 LTS and C++ community plugin (sonar-cxx)

Do I absolutely need to upgrade cxx plugin version from v1.3.3 to v2.0.0 ?

Many thanks,

Hello @fg78z,

Sorry but this question should not be asked to the SonarSource Team but to the maintainer of the sonar-cxx plugin (and I would guess he’s answer yes, He did not bother documenting a compatibility matrix for nothing).


Oops ! Yes in fact, Thanks for your response !

Oops ! Yes in fact, thanks for your response !