SonarQube 8.5.1 Tasks stuck at PENDING

SonarQube version:

SonarQube does not process the tasks created by tfvc plugin when an Azure DevOps pipeline completes code analysis and the tasks are stuck at PENDING.

I wanted to restart the server to see if anything will change but Administration -> System does not have that option anymore, it shows that there is an update available for the SonarQube instance.

We are not ready to update since I don’t know if the tfvc plugin will be supported in the 8.6 version. How should I proceed with these issues?

Hi @anon11912932,

If I understand correctly, the analysis is properly executed on Azure Pipeline side, but isn’t processed on SonarQube side, am i correct?

If so, I’ll recommend you to get the SonarQube logs from the time it tries to process the analysis. It might help to pinpoint the issue.

Also, is this a one time issue? Was it working properly before?


The issue was fixed with a simple restart of the SonarQube Server.

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