SonarQube 7.9.1 + TFS + SonarQube Plugin 4.8.1

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  • SonarQube version Enterprise EditionVersion 7.9.1 (build 27448)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Версия 16.131.28601.4
  • SonarQube Plugin 4.8.1
  • PL/SQL
    After building pull request on the decoration step we are have next error:

2019.11.12 10:08:29 INFO ce[AW5ecSK_jB001Y0HzDWz][o.s.c.t.s.ComputationStepExecutor] Trigger refresh of Portfolios and Applications | status=SUCCESS | time=0ms

2019.11.12 10:08:30 WARN ce[AW5ecSK_jB001Y0HzDWz][c.s.C.C.B.C] Failed to decorate Azure DevOps Pull Request: Unknown status: TO_REVIEW

2019.11.12 10:08:30 INFO ce[AW5ecSK_jB001Y0HzDWz][o.s.c.t.CeWorkerImpl] Executed task | project=Oracle | type=REPORT | pullRequest=5098 | id=AW5ecSK_jB001Y0HzDWz | submitter=pavel | status=SUCCESS | time=5049ms

And decorations are stops

Please help!
With best regards
Pavel Rudensky
System Architect
Ingosstrah JSC

Hi, we are facing probably same issue. I dont have this log, but for us decoration also doesnt work:
Sonar Qube 7.9
SonarQube plugin 4.8.1
TFS 2018 update 3

Hi @Cynic_one and welcome to the community !

We indeed have an issue on our side on this. I created a ticket, it will be fixed ASAP. You can follow the status here :

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for having pointed that out.