Sonarqube 6.1 Supported SQL database versions


Could someone please let me know what versions of SQL Databases are supported for Sonarqube 6.1.

Currently we have Sonarqube 6.1 installed and SQL we are using is SQL 2014 express and everything is working perfectly.

As a part of SQL upgrade , we are upgrading all SQL instances to SQL 2016.

Just wanted to check if sql 2016 is compatible with Sonarqube 6.1 , if so am assuming just a change of sql database instance in is enough.Please let me know if am missing anything here.

Thanks for all your help till now.

kind Regards,
Praveen Davuluri


It’s not supported. The support for SQL Server 2016 was added in SonarQube 6.6:

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Thank you for your reply, can you please let me know eventhough if SQL migration happens on 2016 or 2017. Can we make our Sonarqube still work by Keeping database in 2014 compatibility mode instead of upgrading Sonarqube version.

Appreciate for all your help.

Kind Regards,
Praveen Davuluri