SonarQube 5.6 LTS roadmap / plugin support


(Robert) #1


I’m using SonarQube 5.6.7 and I’m wondering if it is still supported, as it is marked as LTS. Is there any roadmap of how long LTS versions are supported?

Additionally, I recognized that I can’t install plugins any more. I always get a message like Error while downloading plugin 'xyz' with version 'x.y'. No compatible plugin found. Have all the plugins been migrated to the new 6.7 LTS version or am I facing another problem?


(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Robert,

There’s only one LTS at a time. When 6.7(.*) was announced as the LTS, 5.6.* immediately stopped being the LTS. As a courtesy, we continued to show 5.6 in the Update Center until about mid-June, but then that was stopped as well.

You really should upgrade to at least 6.7.5 at your earliest convenience.


(Ali Saleem) #4

I am using sonarqube 6.3.1 with the mySql version 5.6 and I am trying to install “FxCop” plugin. But I always get the same message: Error while downloading plugin ‘fxcop’ with version ‘1.4.1’. No compatible plugin found.

I have also tried the sonarqube 6.3.1 with mySQL version 8 and got the same error.

Does all the versions before 6.7 are obsolete, thats why I am having this problem?

This post here looks relevant to my problem, so I post it here or should I make a new post?

Thank you.

(G Ann Campbell) #5


Your topic is related, but a new post might have been better. However even if you had created a new thread I would have told you the same thing I’m going to say here: You’re going to have a hard time finding support for any version <6.7.

Specifically tho, this obsoletion is likely the root of your problem. After a certain amount of time goes by, we do clean old SQ versions out of the Update Center/Marketplace. If you really can’t upgrade, and you really want to use this plugin version, manual download and install is always an option.