SonarQube 10.3 released

Hi all,

Sonar is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 10.3, with new Clean as You Code improvements and improved secrets detection. Details in the official announcement.

In addition, there are a few other items to note in the release:

  • The Sonar way quality gate adopts a more rigorous Clean as You Code criteria with zero new issues on new code. A copy of the previous Sonar way quality gate is preserved as Sonar way (legacy). You can still continue to use the legacy Sonar way Quality Gate as your default Quality Gate while you work on transitioning to the new one. Read more in this related community announcement. (SONAR-20604, SONAR-20607)

  • We’ve restored the ability to edit the old rule severity within a Quality Profile. Your feedback showed it is currently still useful to help prioritize rules and clean the overall code. We plan to provide a more explicit method for configuring these priorities in the future. (SONAR-20931).

You’ll find more details in the upgrade notes and full details in the release notes. Please open new threads for any questions you have about these or other features.

As usual, download is available at Docker images are also available on Docker Hub.




Great version :muscle:t2:

Thank you for listening to the community :slight_smile:

The new zero issues condition on new code will be a topic to discuss with every customer :sweat_smile:

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Hello Christophe,

  • plugin [ version | compatibility ] matrix is (at the time of writing this) not yet aware of 10.3

  • Suggestion: Maybe you could create a “Sonarqube $theVersion Update Discussion” Thread and link to it in the Release Posting here. Might help as a funnel to keep this post here rather clean in the comment section (edit: i ment, “for the future releases”. like as a convention/default thing in a release news post)


P.S.: 2nd edit for info - JDK11 not dropped in 10.3. According to this it has been postponed to 10.4

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Hi Chris,

thanks for restoring the rule severity handling!
Otherwise it’s a pitty that [SONAR-19996] - Jira didn’t make it this time either and was postponed again, as this is a great painpoint for many users.


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Hi @daniel,

Thanks for the suggestions.
We faced some technical issues and the update of the plugin matrix took a bit more time. It is now updated.